You shouldn't have to sell your soul.

Courtney-Taylor. Extremely average yet a bit eccentric.
Not stoned,just slightly pebbled.

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Maybe self-love is the vessel to universal love.
If that is true, plant marigolds down your spine
and grow gardens of kind words in your life.

Wash the windows of your soul. Dust the dirty
lens of your heart. See through a filter of sun.
It is okay if it is still a bit blurry- it is okay

to miss a spot. Today, choose yourself.
Finally heal old wounds with fresh gauze.
Draw a warm bubble bath of bravery.

When you feel yourself getting small
again, say to yourself: I AM A FORCE
OF NATURE. If your voice shakes,

assure yourself it is only the ground
trembling from the mountains you are
moving. The happiest people are those

who take care of themselves; who gingerly
tuck their tired hearts into bed at night and
wake to a beating hot plate of breakfast

in the morning. When you feel safe
in your own skin, there isn’t anywhere
that cannot be called home."

- YOU ARE A FORCE OF NATURE, by Blythe Baird (via blythebrooklyn)

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Party with my best friend in the entire galaxy. Dude I’m hella high and I love you. Lol you’re asking me if I wanna get high. Guess what my answer is.

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